Posted on 1st April 2023 by FilmFixer

Hello, you…

Fans of the hit Netflix series “You” were in for a treat today as Season 4 Part 2 dropped on the streaming platform. After a month long wait, we’ll finally get to see what Joe is going to do now he knows who has been framing him!

Joe’s Resurrection in London

In the latest instalment of “You,” Joe Goldberg, who was declared dead in the U.S. after leaving a piece of himself behind in his previous suburban life, resurfaces in London.

Under the alias of Jonathan Moore, Joe takes on a new life in London. He finds employment teaching English at the fiction Darcy College in the vibrant neighbourhood of Spitalfields and secures a flat in the upscale area of Kensington, thanks to his colleague Malcolm.

Introducing London’s High Society

Joe’s journey in London takes an intriguing turn when he’s introduced to Malcolm’s high society friends. This elite circle includes an artist and billionaire’s son named Simon, an heiress named Gemma, a socialite named Lady Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth, and a gallerist named Kate, who has mixed feelings about her activist investor father.

As Joe navigates this new world of privilege and influence, he discovers that secrets and lies run deep within London’s upper echelons. His interactions with these characters promise to unravel a web of mysteries that “You” fans have come to expect and relish.

Kensington: Joe’s New Neighbourhood

With Nadia, suspicious of Joe what will she find in his Cornwall Gardens flat? We often see Joe, our enigmatic protagonist, taking a solitary walk down the pavement. The quiet ambiance of the street provides a stark contrast to the inner turmoil and obsessions that define his character. Whether it’s Launceston Place, Kynance Mews, Kensington High Street, Kings Road or Sloane Square the streets of this beautiful borough become the canvas upon which the narrative is painted.

As the series begins to wrap up Kensington and Chelsea’s role becomes more pronounced. Its charm and sophistication become integral to the unfolding drama, underscoring the juxtaposition of everyday life and the dark undercurrents that define the series.

Southwark Unveils Intriguing Scenes

Southwark, one of London’s vibrant boroughs, contains one of the series’ standout moments. As scene unfolds at Barge House Street, right by Bankside. Here, the production team created an Art Fair setup in the courtyard. We see Joe following Marianne through the stalls, setting the stage for a high-stakes exchange.

The intensity escalates as the action transitions into an on-foot chase scene. This thrilling pursuit winds around the corner of The Barge House, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The chase concludes as the two cast members enter the building, leaving us eager to discover the secrets that lie within.

In another intriguing scene, we spot Joe, casually strolling through the bustling Borough Market. As he enjoys a bag of chips and engages in conversation, the market’s vibrant atmosphere provides a stark contrast to the hidden obsessions and secrets that define “You.”

Islington’s Touch of Romance

As the series begins to explore Joe and Kate’s fledgling feelings, Islington takes centre stage as Lloyd Square becomes the backdrop for a romantic interlude that reminds us of that scene from series 1. In this enchanting setting, a couple is seen walking down the street, but as they continue their stroll, an overwhelming sense of passion overtakes them. Unable to resist each other, they are drawn to a private, beautiful floral garden and well… no spoilers.

Hounslow’s Political Soapbox

With Joe is aware of Rhys’s attempts to frame him, we see him observing the seemingly innocent politician who’s now running for MP as he engages with constituents. The tension is palpable as Joe watches from afar, and viewers are left wondering what dark secrets and obsessions will come to light next.

Joe Goldberg’s return promises to keep you on the edge of your seat for the final five episode as this rollercoaster ride of suspense, obsession, and intrigue comes to a close.